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Simplify Life

GoodMate takes the pain out of living with roommates by helping handle the more annoying parts of living together.

Manage Money

We keep track of debt so you don't have to. Just enter what you buy for the house and we will take care of notifying your roommates what they owe you. We'll even crunch the numbers.

Balance Work

Someone not helping around the house? Relax. Tell GoodMate the chores and we will rotate through the roommates to keep track of whose turn it is.

Talk it Out

GoodMate gives you a place to talk all things house related. We give you a centeralized comment board to leave messages, as well as anonymous comments.

Never Miss a Bill

We can remind you when your bills are due so you can avoid getting the power turned off on you during your parties! We can even let your roommates know how much they owe you each month.

Stay Notified

No one likes being left out of the loop. You're busy, we understand. We'll send you the highlights of your rooms updates so you stay in the know. (Of course, if you'd rather we not, we've got you covered.)

Coming to a Phone Near You

Our application is soon to be on your phone. Of course we will keep it synced with the site and all of your roommates.

We Keep it Private

Your room gets its own unique access code, ensuring that other users can't see your data.

Reason to Celebrate

Be a better roommate, and live with better people. We make it easy to focus on the good times by handling the dirty work.